How to Hire the Best Patent Lawyers

Before looking for the best patent attorney in your area, you first must learn what an intellectual property lawyer is. The only way to find the best patent lawyer to protect your idea or invention is to understand how these legal experts can assist you. Follow our tips to hire the top patent attorneys in Fort Myers FL.

Duties and Obligations of Patent Attorneys

A patent lawyer must have graduated from law school like any other lawyer. However, that’s where similarity with all other attorneys ends. In order to become a patent lawyer, a person who has graduated from law school, also must have a in a science or technical discipline. The best intellectual property attorneys will even have experience working in their chosen technical specialty.

Patent attorney has the obligation to prepare, draft and process your patent application. He also prepares prosecution papers on the related issues, and handles all issues relating to business units. An IP attorney has intellectual property law at his fingertips, resolves and troubleshoots litigation issues, and provides counsel to clients on any patent related matters. A patent attorney must ensure compliance of state and federal intellectual property laws.

Deep Knowledge in the Field of Your Invention

The only way an IP attorney can provide you proper IP protection is if he or she really understands your idea. So, knowledge in the field of your invention is vital. For example, an intellectual property lawyer who has mostly dealt with writing patents in the field of biology probably won’t be able to handle writing a patent in the field of electronics.

The best patent law firm will have education, experience and experts in several technical fields. Sometimes, the best intellectual property lawyers cooperate with patent agents. Patent agents have a technical college degree and have passed the patent bar, but they are not lawyers. However, their technical education and experience is irreplaceable when it comes to writing a patent.

Successful Patents

Apart from having a wide experience in writing patents, the leading IP attorney should also have a record of successfully registered patents. When interviewing your lawyer, make sure you ask him how many patents has he written. Also, try to find out if one of those patents were ever challenged or overturned. Lastly, find out how many patents written by the law office you are interviewing have been financially successful for the inventor.

Affordable Price

Big patent law firms are usually very expensive. So, if you want to save some money, it is best to look for a local patent law office that is more affordable. It is also better to opt for a local legal representative because they know the local laws and regulations better. They may also have certain connections that may help you file a patent faster. It is not rare that lack of money presents a barrier to the inventor register a patent. That is why it is best to consult with your lawyer and determine if your invention or idea is profitable. They have the knowledge and experience that will help you make the right decision.